Mettler Toledo: InTap Portable Optical Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer

September 2019, MARIETTA, GA ~ Oxygen is both a brewers friend and foe giving yeast what it needs to breathe & thrive through the fermentation process but then becoming Enemy #1 of bright and expressive flavors after the yeast has done its job.

Mettler Toledo’s InTap Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer, featuring optical technology (oDO), is a portable measurement that can be used in process for in-line measurements, a calibration reference/standard, and as a laboratory tool for can/bottle piercing DO readings.

The InTap Portable Optical Dissolved Oxygen (oDO) analyzer is a compact, high accuracy instrument for parts per billion measurements (0 to 2000 ppb) of dissolved oxygen powered by a internal battery or AC power.

  • Data Safety Throughout Product
    • Data for up to 99 measurement points are recorded by the InTap portable dissolved oxygen meter and is saved on a USB drive. Measurement point tracking in the InTap portable dissolved oxygen meter allows operators to easily tie stored measurement data to different places in production or Lab.

  • Accurate Measurement Down to Low Parts Per Billion (ppb)

    • InTap utilizes the same proven optical technology as METTLER TOLEDO low ppb optical DO sensor (InPro 6970i) and provides the accuracy needed in filling lines, production lines or laboratory analysis.

  • Proven Optical Technology

    • Matches the high standards of optical dissolved oxygen sensors, now accepted as standard in brewery applications.

  • Quick, Convenient Calibration

    • Bluetooth technology allows for transfer of calibraton data when using the InTap in line or as a reference/standard.

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