Mettler Toledo Sodium, Silica & Chloride/Sulfate Analyzers
On-line analyzers with automatic calibration for Power Plant water chemistry

October 2019, MARIETTA, GA ~


Mettler Toledo 3000SC
Sulfate & Chloride Analyzer

The 3000CS analyzer provides on-line ppb-level detection of chlorides and sulfates in water cycle chemistry to control corrosion and minimize damage.

  • On-line measurement every 45 minutes
  • Precise 2-point calibration for assured accuracy
  • Displays ion concentration & measurement interval
  • Eliminates risks of sample contamination
On-line, ppb-level chloride and sulfate monitoring
The 3000CS sulfate & chloride analyzer uses microfluidic capillary electrophoresis, an ionic separation technology, to directly measure trace levels of harmful sulfate and chloride ions. With on-line measurements every 45 minutes, the 3000CS allows monitoring of water & steam cycle continuously helping catch contamination early so that corrective action can be taken to avoid shutdowns and costly repairs.

Mettler Toledo 2300Na
Sodium Analyzer

The 2300Na Sodium Analyzer provides assurance of water purity to maximize water production and minimize corrosion.

  • Sodium breakthrough detection at sub-ppb levels
  • Fully automatic, unattended calibration
  • Automated electrode conditioning
  • Internal pH checks reduce reagent consumption
On-line Detection of Trace Sodium Contamination
Sodium analyzers play an important role in water purity measurement. They help to maximize water production and eliminate corrosion. The 2300Na sodium analyzer supports pure and ultrapure water monitoring at sub-ppb levels so that sodium contamination in the water cycle or breakthrough from a polisher cation resin is immediately detected and contaminated water can be diverted before it reaches critical areas.

Mettler Toledo 2800Si
Silica Analyzers

The 2800Si silica analyzer is a reliable, on-line instrument designed specifically for pure water treatment and power chemistry. „

  • Monitor breakthrough of polisher anion resin 
  • Fully automatic, unattended calibration
  • Less maintenance with large reagent bottles
  • Grab sample feature simplifies quality checks
Ensure Water Purity with On-Line Silica Monitoring
Silica analyzers provide a critical measurement for ensuring water purity in power cycle chemistry and in ultrapure water monitoring. This analyzers help to optimize ion exchange production and minimize silica deposition on turbines. The 2800Si silica analyzer measures at ppb levels for early detection of silica breakthrough of polisher anion resin, so that contaminated water can be diverted before it reaches critical areas.

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