Mettler Toledo UniCond Conductivity Sensors
Highest Accuracy & Widest Range

October 2019, MARIETTA, GA ~

Conductivity / Resistivity Sensors
Sensors for pure water applications.

UniCond conductivity / resistivity sensors are available in 2-electrode and 4-electrode models to cover all ranges of measurement. Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology, including built-in measuring circuits and analog to digital signal conversion, enables performance far exceeding that of conventional sensors.

Uncompromised accuracy
UniCond sensors, with their self-contained measuring circuit, produce a robust output digital signal that is reliable over very long cables. Certified factory calibration in ultrapure water with ASTM traceability is stored in the sensor's internal memory to ensure highest installed accuracy out of the box.

Widest rangeability
A single 2-electrode UniCond sensor can measure from ultrapure water all the way up to sea water with high accuracy. This significantly simplifies the specification, installation and spare parts inventory for water treatment systems. 4-electrode UniCond sensors cover the higher conductivity ranges of acid and base ion exchange regeneration chemicals.

Maintenance - free
METTLER TOLEDO Thornton conductivity sensors for pure water provide high accuracy measurements with widely spaced electrodes that do not trap ion exchange resin particles, corrosion particles or bubbles, and yield more reliable, maintenance-free operation than with other sensors.

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