Time to upgrade your charge amplifiers? Receive a 25% discount off a new Kistler Dual Mode 5018A1012

March 2022, MARIETTA, GA ~

As a Kistler customer, you know that Kistler never stops improving their products. So as you’d expect, their latest-generation of 5018A charge amplifiers offers a host of features which improve your measurements, usability and solves a wider range of applications compared to the predecessor 5010B amplifier.

Kistler's 5018A amplifier is the optimal solution for test and measurement applications. Check out the 5018A data sheet features and benefits. The 5010B Charge Amplifier was discontinued 5 years ago and therefore, we are reaching out to provide an opportunity to upgrade to a more capable 5018A amplifier. If you trade-in your existing 5010B, you will receive a 25% discount off a new Dual Mode 5018A1012.

This trade-in offer is valid until April 29, 2022. If interested, please contact FLW Southeast discuss an upgrade.

For additional information or a product recommendation, please contact FLW Southeast at sales@flwse.com