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Measurement Specialties, Inc.

Industrial customers use sensors as part of their controls. Ease of use, quick availability, and reliability are key features. Measurement Specialties offers a wide array of products designed for use in industrial applications for the measurement of displacement, force, pressure, position, and vibration. Products are shipped fully configured and ready to use out of the box and applications include Factory Automation, Machine Health Monitoring, & Process Control

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amlodipin sandoz 5 mg amlodipin teva bivirkninger click here FLW Southeast is Adding LVDT/RVDT Business to the Existing Product Offering through Measurement Specialties   August 2015, MARIETTA, GA - FLW Southeast has expanded its partnership with Measurement Specialties to include all Linear Displacement Sensors and Rotary Displacement Sensors. Measurement Specialties is the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial Linear Displacement Sensors and Rotary Displacement Sensors. The combination of materials and manufacturing techniques used for Measurement Specialties’ Linear Variable Differential Transformer sensors (AC LVDTs and DC LVDTs), Rotary Variable Differential Transformer sensors (AC RVDTs and DC RVDTs), inclinometers, clinometers, tilt sensors and liquid level transducers results in extremely rugged transducers which are capable of functioning during and after severe shock loads and vibration. Magnetic encoders offer breakthrough technology for accurate rotary position sensing in harsh weather or difficult industrial conditions. For more information o...

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