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Acuity Laser Sensors and Scanners for Dimensional Measurement

Acuity laser measurement sensors are precision devices manufactured by Schmitt Industries, Inc. The sensor and scanner products satisfy diverse dimensional measuring applications for industrial automation and advanced research. Acuity sensors use laser triangulation, time-of-flight or confocal chromatic displacement measurement principles for high-accuracy position measurement installations.

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Acuity Laser Sensors and Scanners for Dimensional Measurement

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When You Need To Measure Material, Acuity’s AR100 Laser Triangulation Sensor Is Well Suited For Your Application July 2021 MARIETTA, GA ~ As a very large roll of paper winds off to smaller individual rolls, manufacturers must ensure that the smaller rolls have enough material present to be able to sell. When selecting a measurement sensor tool, paper manufactures demand two things. The measurement tool must have enough range to fully measure the wind-up distance of the roll and have a small enough resolution to determine one additional layer of material. Acuity’s AR100 laser triangulation sensor is well suited for this type of measurement. The AR100-500 model has a 500 mm (~20 in.) range and boasts a resolution of 0.02% of the measurement range. The sensor’s fast, 9.4kHz sampling rate, compact size, and precision at a cost-effective price, provide a quality sensor for this application. ...

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