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The Shutter Valve started life as an embryonic idea that has transformed into what is now the finest high-performing valve in the world. Utilizing leading edge, aerospace design techniques, the Shutter Valve is changing the face of the industry. The industrial valve customer no longer has to settle for one valve type over another, with neither type providing the optimum solution. The Shutter Valve provides the best attributes of all types of valves. From zero pressure drop, zero leakage, precise flow control, full bore operation and full piggability, no other valve in the market can match its performance. Our mission is to continue to innovate and develop valves that customers, technicians, mechanics and engineers love to use. We look forward to serving your flow control requirements.

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Clarke Shutter Valves

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Clarke Industrial Shutter Valves - Immediately Available Stock to Replace your Butterfly, Ball & Globe Valves March 2018, MARIETTA, GA ~ Clarke Industrial Engineering has shutter valve inventory that is available for immediate shipment. This includes 1” Class 900 (capable of 2000 PSI bubble tight shutoff) and ¼” Class 1500 (3600 PSI bubble tight shutoff) shutter valves. These sizes and pressure classes are good for the following applications: Boiler feedwater/blowdown Replacing globe valves up to 4” Compressor recirculation lines Vacuum control (Clarke Engineering has the highest performing valve in the world in vacuum control) Replacing butterfly valves up to 2” Pump startup control valves (limiting cavitation) For more information on Clarke Industrial Shutter Valves, please click here. ...

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