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Sherborne Sensors Dynamic Force, Tilt, & Vibration Sensors

Sherborne Sensors is a designer and manufacturer of precision inclinometers, accelerometers and load cells. Technologies utilized include mechanical servo, solid state and strain gauge.These precision measurement tools are available as both off-the-shelf and bespoke for use in military, aerospace, civil and industrial engineering applications.

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Sherborne Sensors T640 Series
The Perfect Inclinometer for Rugged Environments! October 2020 MARIETTA, GA ~ The T640 Series is a range of gravity referenced inclinometers used in a variety of industrial and military applications where precision angular measurements are required in rugged applications. Typical applications include data acquisition systems, roadbed analysis, platform levelling, structural monitoring, pipeline levelling, ship ballast transfer systems and many other applications requiring precision tilt measurement. Models are available in a variety of ranges from +/-30° to +/-90° with low impedance filtered and unfiltered output voltage signals. Electrical terminations are via a 6-way connector on the T643 or solder pins on the T645 variant. Fea...

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