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Sherborne Sensors Dynamic Force, Tilt, & Vibration Sensors

Sherborne Sensors is a designer and manufacturer of precision inclinometers, accelerometers and load cells. Technologies utilized include mechanical servo, solid state and strain gauge.These precision measurement tools are available as both off-the-shelf and bespoke for use in military, aerospace, civil and industrial engineering applications.

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Sherborne Sensors' A700 Range of Solid State Accelerometers Measure Acceleration in Single or Dual Axes February 2021 MARIETTA, GA ~ The accelerometer utilizes MEM technology and has positive mechanical stops cantering excellent shock resistance. The -0101 version incorporates a temperature sensor enabling each sensor to be individually characterized over its operational temperature range. A data sheet containing the characteristic output equation is supplied with each sensor enabling errors due to zero offset, sensitivity error, linearity, thermal zero shift and thermal sensitivity shift to be minimized. By entering the equation coefficients into the host operating software cost-effective high accuracy acceleration sensing may be achieved. Designed for operation from an unregulated DC power source, the A700 is packaged in a robust aluminum alloy housing with an integral shielded cable connection; the shield is ...

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