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Daytronic Signal Conditioners & Data Acquisition Systems

Daytronic offers a comprehensive hardware family from transducers and single-channel bench-top or machine-dedicated conditioner /indicators to high-speed PC/PLC front-ends and factory-wide distributed networks. Typical applications include production line automated testing, remote safety monitoring, prototype evaluation, "real time" process control via closed-loop servo systems, and statistical analysis of both "real time" and "historical" data.

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Daytronic Panel Meters for Analog Conditioning of Low Level Signals March 2019, MARIETTA, GA ~ Need a Panel Meter with continuous amplified analog output signal? Daytronic offers a wide range of digital Panel meters which contain signal conditioning for AC & DC mV/V sensors - rotary torque,load,pressure - AC LVDT,FREQUENCY,DC to DC LVDTs and other transducer based measurements. If your application involves connection directly to a sensor, such as an AC LVDT, AC or DC mV/V strain gage, frequency for flow / speed, consider a Panel Instrument such as the Daytronic Series 3000 or 3KPLUS or NEW 3700 or 3500 or 4000. Each has it's unique feature set which include analog output with filtering, amplification, and depending on Model - peak capture, hardware limits, shunt calibration, communications, and stand alone control. ...

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