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Daytronic Signal Conditioners & Data Acquisition Systems

Daytronic offers a comprehensive hardware family from transducers and single-channel bench-top or machine-dedicated conditioner /indicators to high-speed PC/PLC front-ends and factory-wide distributed networks. Typical applications include production line automated testing, remote safety monitoring, prototype evaluation, "real time" process control via closed-loop servo systems, and statistical analysis of both "real time" and "historical" data.

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ventolin ventolin hfa citalopram and alcohol memory loss citalopram and alcohol overdose Daytronic is Releasing their New Meter Family that Will Move Towards Updating the Series 3000 Line
November 2015, MARIETTA, GA - The 3700 is a single-channel panel instrument for sensor conditioning, with adjustable engineering unit's display and true amplified analog output. The 3700 series is based on the popular Daytronic 3000 meters. Its focus is to provide a stable, user configured, display, as well as a noise free amplified analog signal for the measurement of force, load, displacement and other parameters associated with low level sensor signals. Incorporating the Series 3000 performance along with updated controls and ease of use features, the Model 3730 AC LVDT Panel Instrument interfaces with most manufacturer's AC LVDT sensors to deliver stable - repeatable and accurate results with a digital display and a dynamic, selectable hi-level analog output signal for front end use with a PLC, Computer or Data Acquisition system. Models

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