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Acuity Laser Sensors and Scanners for Dimensional Measurement

Acuity laser measurement sensors are precision devices manufactured by Schmitt Industries, Inc. The sensor and scanner products satisfy diverse dimensional measuring applications for industrial automation and advanced research. Acuity sensors use laser triangulation, time-of-flight or confocal chromatic displacement measurement principles for high-accuracy position measurement installations.

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Acuity Laser Sensors and Scanners for Dimensional Measurement

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Acuity’s AR2500 Laser Sensor Is Integrated With RSA Network’s Laser Height Pole System To Measure Overhead Structures At Highway Speeds October 2020 MARIETTA, GA ~ Whether your business is a pilot car service, permit service, trucking service, house mover, or crane and utility company, effectively moving oversized loads requires precautionary measures to ensure safety. This is particularly necessary when it comes to route surveys. A crucial element to maintaining precautionary measures in the route survey process is ensuring proper overhead height measurement. One missed or improper height measurement can lead to devastating oversize load accidents. The inefficiency level and safety concerns of the manual mode of physical measurement is the reason Acuity is pleased to have the AR2500 laser sensor integrated with RSA Network’s Laser Height Pole measurement system. RSA Network’s Laser Height Pole system combines GPS coordinates, software, and the AR2500 ...

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