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Dranetz Electrical Demand & Power Quality Monitoring Solutions

For more than 50 years, Dranetz has been the leading provider of intelligent monitoring solutions for electrical demand and energy and power quality. With over 100,000 clients worldwide, Dranetz scalable solutions range from portable power quality analysis equipment to permanent energy management devices with data storage and web-based solutions. Dranetz provides a full suite of services, including personalized pre- and post-sales support, educational power quality seminars, consulting, customization and on-site assistance.

Recent News

Dranetz Announces a New Energy & Power Quality Logger November 2020, MARIETTA, GA ~ Dranetz Technologies, Inc., a leading manufacturer of power monitoring instrumentation, software and associated services is pleased to announce a new portable energy and Power Quality (PQ) logger. DranXperT is a low cost, accurate, lightweight, 3-phase power & energy logger for use in virtually any portable/temporary power monitoring application to determine power and energy usage. DranXperT’s capabilities include: Measures all common power parameters (V, I, W, VA, VAR, PF, demand, energy, etc.) Highly accurate 4-quadrant, bidirectional meter to measure the direction of power flow in DER/alternative energy and other applications Unique, 1 cycle PQ detection capabilities – records the RMS envelope of common PQ problems such as sags/dips, swells, and interruptions using the same techniques of much more costly instruments ...

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