FLW Southeast Partners with AMETEK Land to Supply IR Temperature Measurement & Combustion Gas Analytics Solutions Throughout the Southeastern U.S.

March 2021 MARIETTA, GA ~ FLW Southeast is pleased to announce its’ new partnership with Land Instruments (a division of AMETEK Process & Analytical Instruments Group). The new agreement assigns FLW Southeast as Land’s exclusive representative for Non-Contact Temperature Measurement Instruments & Combustion Gas Analyzers in the Southeastern U.S. AMETEK Land is the world’s leading manufacturer of sensors and analyzers for industrial infrared non-contact temperature measurement, combustion efficiency and environmental pollutant emissions.

Founded in in 1947, Land Instruments developed a reputation for producing innovative, resilient measurement technologies designed to operate in the most challenging conditions. Acquired by the Process & Analytical Instruments Division of AMETEK, Inc in 2006, today AMETEK Land is the premium supplier of product application solutions to world industries including steelmaking, glass making, minerals processing, hydrocarbon processing and thermal power generation.

Fixed SPOT Non-Contact Thermometers / Pyrometers
Land’s extensive range of infrared thermometers provides online temperature measurements and control in the most challenging environments. Innovative, flexible solutions customizable for diverse processes and specialized applications.

Fixed Thermal Imagers & Line Scanners
Providing high-resolution, high-definition thermal information, our imagers and linescanners set the industry standard for performance. Backed by advanced software support, they inegrate and archive the vital information you need to keep your process running safely and efficiently. Advanced I/O interfaces enable process control and continuous quality improvements. Applications include glass melt tanks, reformers, reheat furnaces, slag, cement, hazardous waste, etc.

Portable Non-Contact Thermometers
Land’s high-quality Cyclops L handheld thermometers provide spot temperature measurements, with unmatched accuracy and reliability across the widest temperature range. Trigger-operated for easy use, with precise target viewing and on-board data storage.

Calibration Sources
A comprehensive range of blackbody calibration sources enables high-precision calibration of radiation thermometers under on-site and laboratory conditions. Designed to work seamlessly with our instruments, primary and reference sources available.

Opacity and Dust Monitors
The most advanced range of opacity, dust and particulates monitors available, use patented technology to deliver highly accurate results. With no moving parts, they combine high reliability with low maintenance. Thousands have been sold throughout the USA.

Combustion Efficiency Monitors
Close monitoring of oxygen, carbon monoxide and nitrous oxides can help improve combustion efficiency, lower energy use, reduce emissions and prevent plant corrosion. We offer precision measurements for these applications.

Portable Gas Analyzers
Compact and portable gas analyzers with the capability to measure up to eight flue gases in a range of combustion and emissions processes. The Lancom 4 allows users to log, store, and print saved data and is an ideal supplement to your CEM system.


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