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Process Analytics produces analytical measurement solutions for industrial manufacturing processes. The division consists of two business units: Ingold and Thornton, both internationally recognized leaders in their respective markets and technologies. Ingold is a worldwide leader in pH, dissolved and gaseous oxygen, dissolved CO2, conductivity and turbidity solutions for process analytical measurement systems in the chemical, food & beverage, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Its core competence is high quality in-line measurement of these parameters in demanding chemical process and hygienic and sterile applications. Thornton is the leader in pure and ultrapure industrial water monitoring instrumentation used in semiconductor, microelectronics, power generation, pharmaceutical, and biotech applications. Its core competence is the in-line measurement of conductivity, resistivity, TOC, dissolved oxygen and ozone in determining and controlling water purity.

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Mettler Toledo Process Analytics -
2850Si Silica Analyzer September 2020, MARIETTA, GA ~ Do More with Less
This 3-in-1 water chemistry solution features fast, reliable silica analysis, integrated phosphate measurement and a built-in sequencer, allowing you to do more with a single analyzer. Maximize uptime and achieve superior performance in this compact analyzer with intelligent diagnostics. Make the most of valuable panel space by implementing or upgrading to this compact, spacesaving analyzer, that allows you to expand your analytics without expanding your budget. Discover the 2850Si Silica Analyzer: Small Footprint, Greater Functionality
The 2850Si silica analyzer delivers silica and phosphate analysis in a compact and robust design for maximum operational flexibility. 3-in-1 multi-stream silica and phosphate capabilities allow you to do more than ever before with a single analyzer. Achieve Low Total Cost of Ownership<...

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