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Gantner Instruments Data Acquisition & Control Instrumentation

Gantner Instruments is a leader in the development of flexible measurement and control systems targeted at test automation applications. By delivering high-speed, high-accuracy, distributed data acquisition & control products as required in today's demanding testing environments - such as engine testing, component testing, electric motor/battery testing, and long term fatigue/durability testing, Gantner Instruments provides complete and open platform solutions for OEM's, Systems Integrators, and End Users alike.

Recent News

Gantner Instruments Releases New Pre-Packaged Solutions for Quick Setup & Deployment of Fixed or Portable Data Acquisition Applications December  2020, MARIETTA, GA ~ Signal conditioning, storage & streaming over 100 channels of measurement data has never been as accurate or straightforward than with Gantner Instruments’ A104-TCK and A108-UI DAQ Systems. The A104-TCK and A108-UI systems are flexible high precision solutions that acquire and store measurement data independently from a computer. All data can be logged to a USB drive and streamed in parallel to multiple devices for visualization and additional data logging if needed. These systems can be rack-mounted (19”, 3HU) or packaged into a desktop form factor and come pre-configured for a quick-and-easy first operation. All I/O channels and up to 20 independent data loggers are configurable for the A104-TCK and A108-UI DAQ Systems with GI.bench. GI.bench is a state-of-the-art data acquisition environment that combines system setup, configuration, visualization, companywide dashboard sh...

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