Mettler Toledo Announces the M800 Profinet™ Transmitter

The M800 multi-parameter Profinet transmitter provides simultaneous monitoring of one or two in-line sensors for measurement of pH/ORP, Oxygen (dissolved & gas phase), conductivity, CO2 & turbidity in process applications.


Despatch LCC/LCD Clean Process Ovens Are Designed to Save Floor Space And Provide A Variety Of Tailored Options For Your Specific Needs

Despatch ovens are found in a wide variety of critical applications for the pharmaceutical industry.


Kistler Instruments LabAmp Laboratory Charge Amplifiers

With Integrated Data Acquisition For Piezoelectric Measurements


Siemens Digitalization Workshop

How to get Results with Digital Technology and Digitalization


Eliminate Noisy Oxygen Measurements in Fermentation & Cell Culture with Mettler Toledo's InPro 6860i HD

Continuous dissolved oxygen (DO) measurement is critical during fermentation & cell culture.


FLW Southeast Tightens Partnership with Mettler Toledo Process Analytics

This new process strengthens FLW Southeast’s partnership with Mettler Toledo and improves the Service experience for your Mettler Toledo Process Analytics product.


Cincinnati Sub-Zero Offers Battery Testing Solutions from Small Battery Cells to Large Battery Packs

Battery testing chambers are supplied to a variety of industries.


Siemens SITRANS WM300 offers Big Features - Small Package

Motion monitoring in the digital age


Testing Micro-Vibration And Jitter With Kistler Instruments’ Dynamometers

Satellite jitter is a severe deviation source that affects the geometric accuracy of high-resolution imagery.


Mettler Toledo's Chloride/Sulfate Analyzer for Pure Water & Power Cycle Chemistry

The METTLER TOLEDO Thornton 3000CS Analyzer is a reliable on-line instrument designed to directly measure chlorides & sulfates in pure water and power cycle chemistry.


Despatch Ovens - Precise, Uniform and Repeatable

You Can’t Afford Anything Less When Processing Critical Components


Mettler Toledo's InPro 6860i Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Designed for Biopharmaceutical Applications

The METTLER TOLEDO InPro 6860i sensor incorporates the latest in optical oxygen technology to simplify sensor maintenance and provide reliable measurement over extended periods.


Confirm Microbial Elimination with Reliable Ozone Measurement with Mettler Toledo Sensors

The new pureO3 sensor provides fast, dependable measurements.


Measuring Billet Profiles With Acuity’s Laser Line Scanners Ensures Aluminum Billets Are Square

The AP820 is compact and performs very well on shiny or jagged targets.


Siemens Releases Multi-Channel Version of their Award-Winning WT231 Series Weighing Terminal

The new SIWAREX WT231-2 weighing terminal combines the proven quality of Siemens components into one product.



Fast, Accurate Conductivity Measurement

Mettler Toledo InPro 7100(i)


ETS Solutions’ H Series - The Water Cooled High Force Shaker Used In Complex Applications

The ETS water-cooled H Series designed to test some of the world’s most complex applications.


Mettler Toledo's Industrial Boiler Blowdown Control Using On-Line Conductivity

The Mettler Toledo Boiler Conductivity Sensor allows continuous measurement directly in the blowdown line.


More Power and More Flexibility – One Module Fits All!

Gantner Instruments’ New Q.series X – neXt Generation in Data Acquisition


Mettler Toledo UniCond Conductivity Sensors

Highest Accuracy & Widest Range


Kistler Instruments’ Pressure and Acceleration Sensors –

The Ideal Solution for Gas Turbine Monitoring


Siemens Smart Monitoring is Here

Digitalization of Remote Monitoring & Maintenance


Despatch Offers a Wide Selection Of High Performance Ovens Designed For Annealing Applications

Despatch ovens feature a variety of chamber sizes and temperature capabilities, as well as exceptional temperature uniformity, flexibility and tight process control and monitoring.


Mettler Toledo Sodium, Silica & Chloride/Sulfate Analyzers

On-line analyzers with automatic calibration for Power Plant water chemistry


The LSO Series are Sherborne Sensors’ Most Popular Servo Inclinometers!

Sherborne Sensors' high precision inclinometers are designed to measure horizontal and vertical angular inclination with virtually infinite resolution.


Dissolved CO2 in Upstream Bioprocessing

Online Webinar: Dissolved CO2 in Upstream Bioprocessing
Thursday, October 24, 2019


Gantner Instruments Case Study:

Testing Of 48V Battery Management System


Mettler Toledo GPro®500: Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) Gas Analyzers

Reliable, low-maintenance gas measurement in-situ & extractive applications



Siemens Announces the NEW SIWAREX WT 231

The new compact class in weighing technology


Cincinnati Sub-Zero Altitude Chambers Simulating Altitude/Vacuum and Temperature for Combined Environmental Testing

CSZ Altitude Chambers combine temperature and altitude/vacuum with optional humidity to test basic components or subassemblies designed for use in a variety of industries.


Mettler Toledo: InTap Portable Optical Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer

The InTap DO analyzer with optical technology, is both a portable measurement tool and a convenient calibration instrument.


Acuity’s AR700 Laser Distance Gauges

The Fastest And Most Accurate Series Of Triangulation Sensors!



Dewetron Offers SUMMER SPECIAL!!

Trade-in your older data acquisition hardware or software for DEWETRON’s newest data acquisition technology


Siemens asks: Do you know if your pressure readings are correct?

Siemens offers pressure calibration services so you can be assured that you are getting the accuracy you require.



METTLER TOLEDO Releases the EasyClean 200e

Automated Systems for Sensor Cleaning & Calibration


Kistler Instruments’ Piezoelectric Sensors Record Highly Dynamic Processes With Optimum Signal Quality

Ensuring work piece quality is the top priority in many sectors of industry.


Improved Cell Culture Processes with Mettler Toledo's In-line CO2 Measurement & Control

Dissolved carbon dioxide, along with pH and dissolved oxygen, is recognized as a critical parameter in cell culture.


Gantner Instruments’ Q.bloxx Solutions for Measurement, Data Acquisition and Control

Optimizing power, reducing fuel consumption and emissions, increasing life span, and weight reduction are all goals in the development of any new engine.


Exciting News from Roscid Technologies!

Moisture Sensor Based on NASA Humidity Sensor


Select Environmental Chambers Available In Stock For Quick Delivery From Cincinnati Sub-Zero!

Does your project require an environmental chamber and is the lead-time is causing a delay?


Mettler Toledo pureO3™ Ozone Sensor for Pure Water Applications

The pureO3 Dissolved Ozone Sensor with Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®) technology provides reliable measurement with increased stability in pure water applications.


Cincinnati Sub-Zero MicroClimate® 3 Compact Environmental Chambers

Compact Testing for Small Components and Products


Mettler Toledo Offers On-Line Sulfate & Chloride Analyzer for Cycle Chemistry & Makeup Water

Mettler Toledo 3000CS Analyzer is an on-line instrument for automated measurements of chlorides and sulfates in pure water and power cycle chemistry samples.