METTLER TOLEDO: Improve Boiler Operations in Sugar & Alcohol Mills

he need to control pH in sugar and alcohol mills is well accepted, but it is not the only process parameter that should be regulated.


Despatch LAC2-18 Benchtop Oven Selected For Uniform Adhesive Curing

A customer wanted to use the Despatch LAC2-18 bench-top oven for curing an adhesive used to mount a high-mass (8-pound) structure to a thick-gauge aluminum plate.


Siemens Portable Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow System - SITRANS FS290

SITRANS FS290 portable ultrasonic flow meter system is a battery- or mains-powered system, making it the perfect tool for monitoring volumetric flow in pipes that may be too remote for typical measurement systems.


AMETEKLand - Infrared thermometry

The thermometer works by measuring the intensity of radiation emitted by the object at a specific wavelength.


ACCUSONIC Flowmeters and Transducers - Model 8510+

The ACCUSONIC Model 8510+ provides accurate, reliable flow measurement for applications ranging from full pipes to partially full or surcharged pipes, open channels, streams, and rivers.


Acuity’s Custom Solution For Battery Expansion Laser Displacement Test

A US manufacturer was looking to find a system to precisely measure the displacement of a battery cell


RC Systems: Providing Customized Gas Detection Systems

In the past, the majority of cars and trucks were driven by combustion engines. The automotive industry deals in many places with flammable fuels and with exhaust gases from combustions engines. Today, as Electric Vehicles take more and more market share, there are some new challenges for the types of gases needed to be detected in the automotive industry.


Druck's PACE CM3 - Where speed and accuracy combine!

Druck’s PACE pressure controllers are widely recognised as the world’s fastest, with the ability to fill and control volumes of 300cc in under 5 seconds


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Siemens Pressure 102: Dive into Remote Seals & The Square Law of Flow Elements


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Common Application Challenges and Solutions in the Chemical Industry.


Sherborne Sensors' inclinometer model LSOC/P is perfectly suited to measure the angle of the lateral force under dynamic conditions

Sherborne Sensors’ LSOC/P inclinometer is perfectly suited to measure the angle of the lateral force under dynamic conditions.


Please join FLW & Siemens in the Free Pressure 102 Webinar!

Siemens Pressure 102: Dive into Remote Seals & The Square Law of Flow Elements


Join FLW Southeast, Inc at the NC One Annual Water Conference!

This year we are excited to attend the NC One Water Conference at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, NC, December 4-7! The theme for this year is Driving Forward!


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Common Application Challenges and Solutions in the Chemical Industry.


Max Precision Flow Meters Accurately Measure Gasoline and Diesel Fuel In The Lab Or In The Field

Max Precision Flow Meters are not sensitive to changes in flow profile, fluid density or viscosity.


Siemens DCS Innovations on Tap South Carolina w/ Dinner and Drinks Included!

We invite you to raise a glass with Siemens DCS experts and partners this November for our new DCS Innovations on Tap series. Nov 15th Charleston, Nov 16th Columbia, Nov 17th Greenville, SC


Druck – 4Sight2 free with PACE

For the remainder of 2022, if a customer purchases a PACE 5000 or 6000 chassis, with a control module (CM0, 1, 2 or 3), they will receive a free version of 4Sight2-STD worth over $5,500.


Kaman Precision Products High-Temperature Displacement Sensors

Accurate - Non-Contacting Measurement In A Hostile Environment


Advantages of Cloud-Based Monitoring & Control with Cattron

From communication loss notifications to pain point-eliminating technology, a SCADA cloud-based solution ensures you stay connected, control the system, and protect your costs from outdated technology that can incur additional repairs, updates, and service.


Kistler Force Sensors Used in Research and Development for Many Sectors

Kistler Instruments continues to break new ground striving for perfection making them the preferred partner for many industries and research labs alike.



Invitation - Cincinnati Sub-Zero Seminar At The Automotive Testing Expo!

Mitigating risks in product testing under various temperature conditions


Mettler Toledo Webinar: Cathode Active Material and the Role of Process pH

The production and refinement of precursor cathode active material (PCAM) involves some highly critical process steps.


Measure The Evolution Of Battery Technology With Gantner Instruments

Gantner Instruments Ground-breaking Products And Powerful Solutions Provide Fast And Accurate Cell, Module And Pack Testing


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Regulatory Competence - Critical Analytical Measurements for Pharma Waters Thursday October 13th 11:00 AM EST


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30+ vendor tabletops in air-conditioned 5,000 sqft Pavilion venue hall at the Yankees George Steinbrenner Field!


The AR3000 Distance Measurement Sensor Is Acuity’s Longest-Range Model

Acuity’s distance measurement laser is a long range, non-contact measurement sensor built for industrial applications.



SIEMENS PROCESS INSTRUMENTATION: Process optimization for flow measurement

From sewerage services to drinking water supply - Siemens Process Instrumentation is here to assist.



Ametek Land is pleased to announce the new addition to the SPOT R100 Range: a new, world-leading, high-temperature ration SPOT pyrometer.


Cincinnati Sub-Zero Modular Walk-In Chambers Flexibility For Testing Larger Volumes At An Economical Price

Cincinnati Sub-Zero’s Modular Walk-In Chambers offers flexibility in designing interior workspace.


Mettler Toledo: TOC Sensor 6000i

The 6000TOCi online sensor delivers true continuous measurement for the detection of organic contamination


Beyond Pressure: Measuring Flow with Differential Pressure

Join Siemens for this FREE Differential Pressure Innovation Session!


Despatch Industries’ Class A Oven Requirements

Failing to use a Class A oven when required increases the chances of a life-threatening industrial accident


Reminder!! Siemens Pressure 101 Virtual Training

Siemens Pressure 101: the basics of pressure measurement and pressure transmitters.


Soundwater Technologies – How To Select an Ultrasonic Transducer

Every flowmeter installation is different, which is why SoundWater offers a number of configurations for each of its flowmeter families: Cypress and Orcas. Selecting the correct transducer model will help your flowmeter to reliably measure flow.


Druck Product Notice: Adroit 6200

Druck is pleased to announce the following product updates to the ADROIT6200 sensor which will support our customers and open further opportunities


Flomec Precision Turbine Meters (G2 Series)

Precision Turbine Meters (G2 Series)- NOW WITH ALL-NEW Q9 DISPLAY


Kistler releases improved IEPE Accelerometer 8763B!!

The most successful triaxial accelerometer type 8763B from Kistler has been improved even further.


Mettler Toledo ISM: Greater Process Reliability at a Lower Cost

METTLER TOLEDO ISM offers a level of performance and convenience that is not available with other systems.



How to Choose the Correct Sensor - August 30th @ 2:00PM


Druck Released the New High-Performance Pressure & Temperature Sensors for Motorsports

Leading global motorsport teams have trusted Druck’s pressure sensors for many years


FLW Southeast Partners with Cattron to Supply Facility Managing Monitors

FLW Southeast is pleased to announce its’ new partnership with Cattron. The new agreement assigns FLW Southeast as the Cattron representative


Siemens Pressure 101 Virtual Training

Siemens Pressure 101: the basics of pressure measurement and pressure transmitters.


Instrumentation Solutions for Hydroelectric Power

FLW Southeast, Inc represents the leading suppliers for flow, level, temperature, and pressure instrumentation.


Druck Releases 4Sight2 Lite Calibration Management Software as Freemium

You asked, Druck listened. Druck is excited to announce that you will now receive a free version of


Visit FLW Southeast, Inc at the 2022 TechX Conference!

FLW Southeast will be in Booth #56!


Jasper Engineering and FLW Southeast Announce Merger

Jasper Engineering and FLW Southeast (Marietta, GA) announce merger. Both firms are leading manufacturers representatives and distributors, with a combined geographic footprint that spans the Midwest and Southeast regions of the U.S.


Visit FLW Southeast at the 2022 Annual AWPCA Conference

Perdido Beach, AL ~ August 15-17 ~



ETS Solutions - What is the right vibration shaker for EV battery test?

EV Batteries need to be subjected to Vibration and Shock Testing in order to ensure the safety and robustness of the battery technology


Siemens Releases New Low-Cost, Easy to Use Capacitive Point Level Sensor

The LCS050 is an adjustment-free, short-insertion compact level switch with transistor and digital IO-Link outputs.


Sherborne Sensors Announces the Launch of a Cloud Service for the WTS Wireless Inclinometer Line

The new Sherborne SensorSpace solution brings the data into the cloud.


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Field Proven Instrumentation for the Cement Industry
Focusing on: Level, Pressure, Temperature, and Weighing



CSZ Environmental Chambers Training Survey

Cincinnati Sub-Zero will be holding an in-person test chamber training seminar for existing & future customers in September.


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Monday, July 18 2022 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM(UTC-04:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Field Proven Instrumentation for the Cement Industry
Focusing on: Level, Pressure, Temperature, and Weighing


Druck Releases Two New Temperature Calibrators

PTC165 & PTC165i Premium Multi-function Calibrators


Mettler Toledo Announces the New MyBrix Handheld Refractometer

Instant and affordable sugar analysis for Food and Beverage Samples


ETS Solutions - New Shaker Inventory Available

Inventory shakers are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


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Reduce Costs and Cut Greenhouse Gases Emissions in Midstream Oil and Gas