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FLW Southeast Partners with RC Systems for Combustible & Toxic Fixed Gas Detection Solutions

January 2017, MARIETTA, GA - RC Systems, Inc., a Houston, Texas-based manufacturer of fixed combustible & toxic gas detection instruments, has selected FLW Southeast as its’ sales & service representative in the Southeastern U.S. (excluding Southern Florida). As critical alarm monitoring experts, RC Systems specializes in interfacing various sensors and analyzer devices to their alarm and display products. RC Systems products are known for their reliability, performance, and ease of use for applications where maintenance and safety are crucial. Some of these applications include fixed and temporary ambient gas detection as well as numerous other multi signal monitoring applications. R.C. Systems has engineered and manufactured industrial electronic products for the instrumentation industry since 1979. RC Systems Gas Detectors, Controllers and WaveNet Wireless products continue to provide valuable solutions for customers worldwide.

Known for the quality products and unsurpassed customer service, RC Systems is an ideal partner for FLW Southeast and we look forward to implementing RC Systems solutions in customer’s fixed gas detection application applications. Key RC Systems Products include:

Gas & Flame Detectors
Our SenSmart 6000, 3000 and 1100 Gas Detectors offer 4-20mA, modbus RTU or modbus TCP wired interfaces. The SenSmart 6000 has a vivid color readout and standard ethernet. The SenSmart 3000 supports both 2 and 3-Wire 4-20mA operation.The SenSmart 1100 is a low cost 2-Wire 4-20mA toxic/oxygen detector all contained inside the sensor head. Our Gas Detectors are designed for a wide range of monitoring applications. Our "Smart Sensor" interface has been adapted to many sensor technologies including electrochemical, resistive bridge, PID's (Photo Ionization Detectors), IR's (Infrared), milliamps, voltage inputs. The SenSmart 1100 is a single variable device and the SenSmart 6000 and 3000 may be supplied as single or dual variables with sensors mounted local or remote to the transmitter housing.

Alarm Controllers
R. C. Systems Inc. Critical Alarm Controllers are widely used by OEMs throughout the gas detection industry and are recognized as premium state-of-the-art menu driven controllers. The WaveLink Receiver, when equipped with the RS-485 or wireless FHSS modbus slave port, may easily be interfaced to ST-71, ST-72 and ST-90/QUAD Critical Alarm Controllers. The new WaveLink Receiver is designed specifically for our new WaveNet System, and can monitor up to 32 WaveCast Monitors simultaneously, providing alarm indications for all 32 channels over a wireless interface. Our ST-90, ST-71 and ST-72 Alarm Controllers are used in critical alarm monitoring applications including gas detection, vibration, tank levels and many more. Most Controllers are suitable for outdoor and Division 2 hazardous area installations. They’re quick-to-learn with intuitive menus and unlike PLC’s, do not require ladder logic programming to make changes. Browse through our controller selection and find the right product for your application today.

Wireless Monitoring
Our WaveNet Wireless Gas Detection Product Line offers SenSmart 7000 Monitors, WaveLink Receivers in a variety of enclosure styles, WaveNet Relayers for activating alarm events and Alarm Bars for annunciating alarms. Our WaveNet Wireless Gas Detection Product Line offers SenSmart 7000 Single/Dual Sensor Monitors, WaveLink Receivers in a variety of enclosure styles, WaveNet Relayers for activating alarm events and Alarm Bars for annunciating alarms. The WaveNet Wireless Monitoring System family has 3 wireless products plus the SST diagnostics tool for site surveys and trouble shooting. Each WaveNet FHSS network may have as many as 32 battery-powered SenSmart 7000 Monitors, any number of WaveNet Relayers (WNRs) but requires at least one 32 channel WaveLink Receiver (WLR). A single WLR Multifunction Option board adds data logging, a second wired / wireless Modbus port, Ethernet port for Modbus TCP plus a Wi-Fi access point with web-server. The Wi-Fi feature is especially exciting since it allows remote HMI functionality via any web enabled device. This means our WaveLink Receiver allows responders to view real time and historical data on smart phones and tablet devices prior to entering a hazardous area!