METTLER TOLEDO Releases the EasyClean 200e
Automated Systems for Sensor Cleaning & Calibration

August 2019, MARIETTA, GA ~ The EasyClean 200e is fully automates rinsing and cleaning procedures for pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, CO2, conductivity, and turbidity sensors greatly reducing maintenance requirements and improves performance.

Fully automated sensor cleaning & rinsing procedures

  • pH, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen, CO2, Conductivity & Turbidity

Fast Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Reduces Labor Costs as Compared to Manual Cleaning

Prolonged sensor lifetime

  • Delivers Efficient Timed Cleaning Preventing Fouling

Optimal cleaning effect & efficient operation

  • Integrated Diaphragm Pump & User Adjustable Soaking Times

Increased operator safety

  • Reduces Exposure to Toxic/Hazardous Chemicals/Process

METTLER TOLEDO’s wide range of analytical sensors allows you to improve your process efficiency and safety. The EasyClean automated sensor cleaning systems increase sensor lifetime, lower maintenance costs, and reduce personnel exposure to hazardous conditions.

METTLER TOLEDO EasyClean System Solutions Designed to Meet your Requirements

EasyClean 400:
Flexible, for Highest Demands
Fully automatic cleaning & calibration system reduce the maintenance costs of pH measuring points to an absolute minimum. EasyClean 400X has been developed especially for explosion hazardous areas and is available in stainless steel and powder coat housings.

EasyClean 200e:
Fully Automated Rinsing & Cleaning

Flushing of sensors with water & additional cleaning with cleaning agent in applications with potential for heavy contamination to sensors.

EasyClean 100 & 150:
Automated Sensor Flushing & Cleaning

Automatic flushing of sensor with water or air or InTrac retractable housing (EC150/InTrac 7XX) or open basin (EC100/InDip 550) applications.

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