Kistler Instruments’ Custom Sensors Can Cope With Every Measurement Challenge – No Matter How Extreme!
The world's largest piezo force sensor can measure up to 450kN

September 2019, MARIETTA, GA ~ This is the largest sensor of its type in the world, with a measuring range of up to 450kN in the Z axis and 100kN in the X and Y axes, Kistler's Type 9397C 3-component force sensor offers unique measuring capacity. This, the largest sensor of its type in the world, is the ideal choice for large-scale measurement tasks such as capturing impact forces in crash tests. The Swiss pioneer of piezoelectric measurement technology specializes in ready-to-use custom solutions that can also cope with extremely high measurement ranges. “The 3-component force sensor is at the heart of every application that involves measuring very high dynamic forces with the utmost precision," according to Martin Betschart, Product Manager at Kistler. He continues: "Our customer-focused, application-oriented approach is backed by over 60 years of experience in piezoelectric measurement technology. That combination gives us a very precise knowledge of the requirements in different sectors and industries. The new Type 9397C 3-component force sensor shows that there are literally no limits to the scale of the measurement tasks that we can accomplish."

Piezoelectric 3-component force sensors are used to measure dynamic and quasistatic tensile and compression forces. Because these sensors are very rigid, their natural frequencies are high: this enables them to measure the smallest dynamic changes to very large forces in all three directions with high precision and excellent reliability. The sensors are already calibrated and pre-loaded on delivery, so they can be used as soon as they have been installed correctly.

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