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Confirm Microbial Elimination with Reliable Ozone Measurement with Mettler Toledo Sensors

November 2019, MARIETTA, GA ~ Ozone is being increasingly used in the sanitization of water systems. The Mettler Toledo pureO3 sensor with Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM), provides fast dependable measurements plus lower operating and maintenance costs.

Control of biological contamination is mandatory
Microbiological monitoring and control is required for regulated waters globally. Purified Water (PW) and Water For Injection (WFI) systems operators diffuse ozone gas into their water loops at the precise quantities needed to sanitize the system to protect against contamination. Once sanitization is complete, the remaining ozone gas is destroyed using UV light. Monitoring and control are required to limit the total ozone gas levels needed for sanitization (100 – 150 ppb) and also to confirm that all ozone gas is removed from the water system after sanitization and prior to release. Ozone monitoring and analysis manages this process precisely and provides an audit trail to ensure compliance to global regulations.

Stable & Repeatable Ozone Determination
METTLER TOLEDO Thornton's new and robust pureO3  sensor with Intelligent Sensor Management offers a fast responding ozone measurement that is stable and repeatable for determining ozone oxidation levels to ensure complete sanitization. The same pureO3  sensor also measures trace levels of dissolved ozone to confirm that all ozone is destroyed after sanitization and prior to water distribution and use.

Lower Operating Costs
ISM is a unique feature to METTLER TOLEDO. ISM technology provides precalibrated sensors for Plug and Measure fast, error-free start-up, and greater process reliability with advanced sensor diagnostics. In addition, ISM offers predictive diagnostics for longer uptime and more efficient routine maintenance which can be scheduled in advance, eliminating unexpected measurement point downtime. ISM's features decrease operational costs and simplify sensor handling while allowing operators to make more informed decisions about process conditions.

When coupled with an innovative transmitter from METTLER TOLEDO such as the multi-parameter, multi-channel M800, the pureO3  measurement solution conveniently provides state-of-the art dissolved ozone monitoring and control to optimize plant performance and compliance.+

For more information: www.mt.com/pureO3

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