Siemens Digitalization Workshop
How to get Results with Digital Technology and Digitalization

January 2020, MARIETTA, GA ~ Companies of all types and from all industries are increasing their productivity with digital technology. With the right digital tools, you will have the ability to increase the efficiency, security, and productivity of your operations while reducing cost and improving the customer experience. By considering your production needs, pain points, and strategic goals, you will be able to achieve the greatest return on your digital investments.

Join us in our free half-day workshop to:

  • Learn about digitalization and how it could affect you

  • Interact with industry attendees in collaborative modules

  • Identify opportunities in your operations for digital enhancement

  • Explore secure, resilient, designed for digitalization network architectures

  • Understand the beneficial impact of cyber security on the plant floor

Who should attend?

  • Observers - People with awareness of IIoT that are open to embracing new ideas

  • Early Adopters - Those with projects underway, and are using pilots and strategic prototyping as a business case

  • Leaders - Those tasked with getting real-time, actionable data to desicion makers

How will you benefit?

It is relatively easy to talk about the need for a digital transformation from a high level, but when it comes to planning and executing a specific digital transformation roadmap, it tends to be more challenging. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Industry 4.0 has now been around for a few years, which has allowed tried and tested approaches and methodologies to emerge that can be applied to pretty much any size company in any industry.

In this workshop Siemens will use simulated business cases to dive deeper into the basic understanding of how to identify Industry 4.0 projects, and how to best prioritize them in terms of resources, ROI, digital maturity level, and more. With a maximum of 16 digitalization explorers, you will participate in realistic exercises to expand your imagination and develop process skills.

Digitalization, by definition, expands an organization’s reliance on networking and computing resources. So, plan to stay for the catered lunch and learn more about how IT and OT can collaborate to provide a network, purpose built to be the strategic backbone of your Industry 4.0 leading enterprise.

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