Kistler Instruments LabAmp - Laboratory Charge Amplifiers With
Integrated Data Acquisition For Piezoelectric Measurements

Accurate, Flexible, Easy To Use
January 2020, MARIETTA, GA ~
The Kistler LabAmp® 5165A and 5167A are universal laboratory charge amplifiers for measurement of force, acceleration, pressure, reaction torque and strain using piezoelectric sensors. The dual-mode charge amplifier 5165A measures dynamic PE and IEPE signals as well as static/dynamic voltage signals where the 5167A measures both quasi-static and dynamic signals from any piezoelectric sensor.

The Kistler LabAmp provides low-noise measurements with flexible signal conditioning as well as powerful data acquisition with high fidelity data directly to a host computer for further analysis.

Multiple LabAmp charge amplifiers can be connected and synchronized without any additional wires. For example, digitized quasi-static forces from a piezoelectric dynamometer can be simultaneously measured with dynamic IEPE accelerometers. This makes the LabAmp product family a modular data acquisition system.

High signal quality

  • Low noise

  • 24bit A/D conversion

  • Very flexible filter section

  • High sample rates selectable


  • 5165A: Universal inputs (charge, IEPE, voltage)

  • Wide application range (frequency & charge range)

  • Analog or digital use

  • Fully flexible analog output scaling

  • Virtual channels for real-time calculations

  • Scalable to high channel counts

Simple & quick setup

  • No separate data acquisition device needed

  • Intuitive user interface

  • Up-to-date communication interface

  • Simple wiring thanks to integrated Ethernet Switch


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