Acuity’s AR100 Is One Of The Most Compact Triangulation Sensors Worldwide

February, 2020 MARIETTA, GA ~ The AR100 group of laser position sensors is Acuity’s most compact series of triangulating laser displacement sensors. The unit uses laser triangulation principles to accurately measure at high speeds. The mini enclosure houses models with ranges from 10 to 500 mm and are available with the optional BLUE laser diodes.

These sensors are perfect for non-contact distance measurement in narrow spaces, as well as checking position, displacement, dimensions, surface profile, deformation, vibrations, sorting and sensing of technological objects. They also work well for measuring levels of liquid and bulk materials.

All models are standard with Analog and Serial outputs to be easily integrated into every application. Additionally, these laser sensors can be programmed using serial commands through a PC computer.

  • Range from 10 mm to 500 mm

  • Resolution of 0.01% across the entire measurement span

  • Linearity of ±0.05% of the Full scale range

  • Maximal sampling rate 9.4KHz

  • Standard outputs of Analog and Serial

  • Red & Blue laser diodes are available

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