Mettler Toledo Sensor-Mount Transmitters
Digital Integration for Benchtop Biocontrollers

January 2020, MARIETTA, GA ~

M80 SM
Easy Integration

The M80 Sensor-Mount (SM) transmitter is a compact, single-channel, multi-parameter transmitter designed especially for benchtop biocontroller manufacturers who want to take advantage of Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®) features on their SCADA systems.

The small footprint of the M80 SM allows mounting on ISM sensors used in bioreactors with a typical volume of 1 – 20 liters.

A Modbus RTU interface enables straightforward integration of sensor measurement data, diagnostic information, and calibration routines into the biocontroller.

Visualization of ISM features on the controller’s graphical user interface increases transparency of sensor models and health status.





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  M100 SM
Analog or Digital Biocontrollers

The M100 Sensor Mount (SM) is a singlechannel transmitter. It allows the connection on biocontrollers of 1-wire ISM sensors for measuring pH, ampDO and CO2 or ISM RS 485 optical oxygen sensors. The M100 SM has a BT 4.0 interface which is compatible with the PC-based and mobile versions of iSense software.

Two independent interfaces are implemented: two configurable 4/20 mA analog outputs and one digital MODBUS RTU.

LEDs clearly indicate sensor status, alarms and warnings.

ISM’s Plug and Measure feature minimizes the risk of installation trouble and simplifies sensor handling.



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