When Production Applications Require Cooling And Heat Treating
Cincinnati Sub-Zero’s TF-Series Offers A Seamless Solution!

February 2020, MARIETTA, GA ~ The TF-Series Front Loading Production Chilling Chambers offer side-by-side operation with batch-type heat treating furnaces, heavy-duty rollers and guides to interface directly with most charge car load/unload mechanisms, and compatibility with part baskets and trays used in other heat-treating mechanisms.

Features Include:

  • Heavy duty, built-to-last construction for long life.
  • Freezer construction and refrigeration systems hold up in harsh production environments
  • Trouble free operation saves maintenance costs
  • High volume air circulation provides uniform cooling
  • Thick foam insulation for continuous operation and reduced operating costs
  • NEMA-12 enclosures and oil tight switches extends life of electronics
  • Fast and efficient cooling with zero ozone depletion refrigerants

Sizes and Temperature Ranges:

  • 20-76 cu. ft. (566L – 2152L)
  • Custom Sizes Available
  • Standard: -40°C to -85°C (-40°F to -120°F)
  • Liquid Nitrogen Cooling: -40°C to -184°C (-40°F to -300°F)



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