Kaman’s DIT-5200L Noncontact Differential Impedance Transducers Eliminate The Need For Summation Amplifiers That Add Noise And Drift

March, 2020 MARIETTA, GA ~ Within its wide eddy current offerings, Kaman Precision Products can supply a variety of signal conditioning electronic circuit technologies to sense impedance variation and translate it into a usable displacement signal. Products include a wide variety of high-precision sensors and sensor systems for different measurement ranges, materials, environments, temperatures, and pressures.

Features of the DIT-5200L

  • True differential for common mode rejection at an economical price

  • High-precision eddy current, balanced bridge technology

  • Capable of subnanometer resolution

  • Thermal stability ±.03% FS/°C, at null ±.005% FS/°C

  • Small package size: 7.7 cubic inches

  • High sensitivity: up to 10V/mil (39mV/µm)

  • Extremely linear, to 0.1% full range

  • Single, dual, and three channel configurations

Many options are available to customize a standard system to meet the exact needs of the application. The most popular are:

Sensor cable extension - Most sensors can handle longer cable lengths, although increasing the cable length can and will affect some performance specifications. Shorter than standard cable lengths are also available. Call an apps engineer to discuss your particular requirements.

In-line cable connector splice -Many sensors come with integral sensor cables. Routing this cable in some applications is difficult and something you only want to do once. Including an in-line connector splice in the cable, near the sensor itself, allows for easy sensor replacement should the need arise.

Hermetic in-line connector splice - Some applications pass the sensor through a pressure boundary, most commonly a vacuum chamber wall. Kaman offers an in-line hermetic bulkhead splice for these applications.

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