Mettler Toledo InPro 5000(i)
Dissolved Carbon Dioxide Sensor

April 2020, MARIETTA, GA ~
5 Ways In-Line CO2 Sensors Improve Bioprocessing

High dissolved CO2 concentration in bioreactors has a significant negative effect on cell culture: unwanted metabolic changes that can inhibit growth and lower productivity.

The InPro 5000i dissolved carbon dioxide sensor offered by Mettler Toledo provides continuous in-line measurements directly in the bioreactor leading to gains in both productivity & product quality.

Find out more with the downloadable guide: 5 Ways In-Line CO2 Sensors Improve Bioprocessing

The guide explains how cell culture bioprocessing using in-line CO2 sensors can increase productivity, allow faster scale-up during process development, and provide greater understanding of cell culture growth phase.

  1. Manage CO2 Accumulation for increased Production

  2. Faster Process Development from Benchtop to Production

  3. Evaluating Respiratory Efficiency for a Reproducible Process

  4. Real-Time Responsiveness Allows Better Process Control

  5. Optimize Cell Growth with Minimal Effort

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