If You Measure pH in Your Process, Join Us for this Free Webinar: “Selecting the Right pH Electrode”

April 2020, MARIETTA, GA ~ Although it might not seem like an important task, choosing the correct pH electrode can be a very critical item to ensure your process remains running in an optimal manner with limited downtime. Items like measurement range, process temperature, process pressure, & desired measurement response rate are all factors to be considered when selecting a pH sensor. Join us on Thursday at 2:00pm ET for a virtual meeting (webinar) as Rob Walden of FLW Southeast (Product Manager – Process Analytics) presents on this topic and describes how all these process variables factor in to choosing the correct pH sensor for your application.

To join this webinar, simply click the below link five minutes prior to the meeting start time:

  • Meeting Title: Selecting the Right pH Electrode

  • Meeting Time: Thursday, April 9th at 2:00pm EST

  • Meeting Login: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

  • Telephone: +1 912-217-4017 (for use if you don’t have computer audio)

  • Conference ID: 933 470 867#

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