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5 Critical Measurements to Optimize Production in the Pharmaceutical Industry

June 2020, MARIETTA, GA ~

Efficient pharmaceutical production means balancing the challenges of compliance and safety with the challenges those of throughput & production efficiency.

Having the right analytical measurements in your pharmaceutical production operation, gives you the visibility into your process to make the right decisions for fast, efficient, and safe production.

"5 Critical Measurements for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers", is a downloadable guide that highlights key analytical measurements for bioreactors, fermentation, & water systems in pharmaceutical production. Having immediate access to these in- and on-line measurements helps pharmaceutical production, process development, engineering, and quality management teams to make quick decisions that optimize production, prevent bad batches, & minimize the risk of contamination.

The five measurements included in the guide are:

  1. In Situ CO2 Monitoring in Bioreactors: Learn how the important measurement of CO2 in bioreactors can be shifted from an off-line blood gas analyzer to an on-line CO2 sensor, enabling fast response to increased CO2 concentration.

  2. Dissolved O2 Measurement in Fermentation: Find out how the world leader in enzyme production ensured a more stable DO measurement while simultaneously reducing their downtime by shifting to intelligent, optical DO sensors.

  3. Real-time, At-line Microbial Detection: See how on-line microbial detection systems can help maintain better visibility and control over bioburden monitoring in pharmaceutical water systems.

  4. Conductivity Measurement of Water: Read how integrated digital conductivity sensors support global pharmacopeia compliance on water systems, & additionally provide the highest degree of conductivity measurement accuracy.

  5.  Ozone to Confirm Complete Sanitization: Learn how in-line ozone sensors help to ensure that sanitization of equipment is complete, and no residual chemicals or traces of ozone are left in your water system.

  6. Download the guide: 5 Critical Measurements for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

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