Join Us for this Free Webinar: “Conductivity Systems: Selecting & maintaining the best sensor for your application”
Thursday, April 23 at 2:00PM EST

April 2020, MARIETTA, GA ~
Conductivity / Resistivity Systems

Electrical conductivity has been measured for more than 100 years and it is still an important and widely used analytical parameter today. The high reliability, sensitivity, fast response, and relatively low cost of the equipment make conductivity a valuable, easy-to-use tool for quality control for water purity analysis, monitoring of reverse osmosis, cleaning procedures, control of chemical processes, and in industrial wastewater.

Topics Include:

  • Types of Conductivity Sensors

  • Selecting the Right Sensor for Your Application

  • Temperature Effects

  • Common Interferences with Conductivity Measurements

  • Alternative Units of Measure

    • Resistivity

    • TDS

    • Concentrations

  • Specialized Industry Measurements

    • Pharmaceutical Waters

    • Power Cycle Chemistry

    • Industrial Boiler Water

  • Analog vs Digital Sensors

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