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ViscoSite - Online Viscometer

September 2020 MARIETTA, GA ~ Whether you are blending asphalts or foods, pharmaceuticals, or industrial polymers, refining oil or petrochemicals, or manufacturing consumer products, – the precise, real-time viscosity measurements are critical to assuring product consistency and quality.

The ViscoSite online viscometer and process analyzer is designed to integrate seamlessly into any plant to reduce costs and optimize process control.

Continuous Monitoring Benefits

  • Identify & Avoid Expensive Process Upsets
  • Avoid Human Error From Manual Testing
  • Fewer Personnel for Hazardous Grab Sampling
  • Precise Measurements at Key Process Points
  • Optimize Quality Control Specifications
ViscoSite Advantage
  • 0.01 to 1,000,000 cP x Density Calibration Range
  • Factory Calibrated for ± 0.25% Repeatability
  • Zone 1 Sensors for ≤ 400˚C & 2,500 psi Samples
  • Results Impervious to Variable Flow & Entrained Air
  • Automatic Density and Temperature Compensation
  • Sanitary, Teflon-Coated, Sensor Shield Protection
  • Maintenance & Sensor Zeroing NOT Required
Key Industries & Applications
  • Chemical: Inks; Dyes; Paints; Adhesives
  • Construction: Roofing Asphalt; Cement
  • Food: Chocolate; Dairy; Ketchup; Sauce
  • Industrial: Titanium Dioxide; Fertilizer
  • Petrochemical: Polymers; Resins; Lubricants
  • Pharmaceutical: Detergents; Gels; Shampoo
  • Refinery: Vis-Breaker; Fractionation; Oil

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