Siemens Process Instrumentation - EtherNet/IP Wireless Gateway

May 2021, MARIETTA, GA ~
Siemens EtherNet/IP (EIP) and BACnet, wireless gateway provides a cost-effective interface to Building Communications Management Systems. The Siemens gateway enables users to more easily access their networked modbus devices where EIP or BACnet, connectivity is preferred. The Siemens EIP/BACnet wireless gateway improves remote site access for OEM modbus field devices. Siemens field mount enclosures allow for mounting the EIP gateway close to the instruments and offer NEMA 4 type protection. Based upon locations and distribution of equipment Siemens Field mount enclosures may house multiple EIP gateways to offer cost savings. The EIP/BACnet wireless gateway has the unique ability to act as a Wi-Fi access point. Users can directly connect their mobile device to the gateway without having to be on the facility’s LAN or WAN to access the local applications. Each gateway is delivered pre-configured, no additional programming or mapping is necessary. Users can view data via a configurable dashboard.

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