When You Need To Measure Material, Acuity’s AR100 Laser Triangulation Sensor Is Well Suited For Your Application

July 2021 MARIETTA, GA ~ As a very large roll of paper winds off to smaller individual rolls, manufacturers must ensure that the smaller rolls have enough material present to be able to sell.

When selecting a measurement sensor tool, paper manufactures demand two things. The measurement tool must have enough range to fully measure the wind-up distance of the roll and have a small enough resolution to determine one additional layer of material. Acuity’s AR100 laser triangulation sensor is well suited for this type of measurement. The AR100-500 model has a 500 mm (~20 in.) range and boasts a resolution of 0.02% of the measurement range. The sensor’s fast, 9.4kHz sampling rate, compact size, and precision at a cost-effective price, provide a quality sensor for this application.

The AR100 is one of the smallest laser measurement sensors in the world. The ultra-compact AR100 comes with ranges from 10mm (0.4 in.) to 500mm (19.7 in.) with a single case size. It can take 9,400 measurements per second and has a linearity of ± 0.05% of the full measurement range for most models. In short, the AR100 is perfect for applications with tight size and mass budgets that cannot sacrifice performance.

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