How Do You Limit Potential Combustion Events in Your Process?

July 2021 MARIETTA, GA ~

In many industries, it is critical to monitor both raw material storage & manufacturing processes for potential combustion events. AMETEK Land offers a variety of options to meet this safety need. Additionally, FLW Southeast Engineers are available to review your application and provide recommendations for the best instrument to solve these challenging problems.

Designed for industrial environments, the fixed-focus HotSpotIR high-speed scanning system detects small hot inclusions on a moving conveyor before they can cause a fire. Reliable alarm processing is achieved without software or computer requirements.

Specifically designed for detection of early-stage fire risk in storage silos for coal and biomass fuels, Silowatch continuously monitors and quickly responds to sudden carbon monoxide (CO) build-up, allowing preventative action to be taken before a fire develops.

Using AMETEK Land’s cutting-edge, high-resolution radiometric technology, the flexible, option-rich ARC produces detailed thermal images with unrivalled precision. With four lens options, it views any target at any distance, with outstanding clarity. Customised to the precise needs of your application, ARC provides the highaccuracy thermal images needed to provide reliable process control, product quality verification, or safety monitoring. 

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