Mettler Toledo pH Theory: Different pH Sensitive Membrane Glass Types
Selecting the right glass type for your application

August 2021, MARIETTA, GA ~ The pH glass membrane of a pH electrode be made from several different glass formulations, and the proper glass depends on your specific application. The selection criteria covered in the video are process temperature, ion concentration, response time, and resistance to different chemicals or processes.

The below video highlights some of the four different types of pH sensitive membrane glasses used in METTLER TOLEDO in-line pH sensors.

Video Link: pH Membrane Glass


The video is an except from the METTLER TOLEDO pH Theory Guide, which can be downloaded in it's entirety here:

Topics covered in pH Theory Guide also include:

  • Why are pH values measured?

  • What are the tools for pH measurement?

  • What is a pH measuring system?

  • How can you obtain an accurate pH measurement?

  • How can you maintain a reliable signal?

  • How do you select the correct pH electrode?

  • How do you maintain pH electrodes?

  • How do you clean pH electrodes?

  • And more…

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