Siemens Introduces New Controller for Radar Transmitters that Enhance Pump Operations, Level, and Flow Measurement

November 2021 MARIETTA, GA ~

Embrace the proven,
Welcome the new

Siemens presents the new Sitrans LT500 level, flow, and pump controllers for radar and ultrasonic transmitters or any other two-wire 4-20 mA devices. From basic level control to complex pumping routines, these instruments deliver the accuracy and reliability demanded by a variety of applications. Complete with up to 2 measuring points, 6 control or alarm relays, 2 discrete inputs, 3 analog outputs, and communications options, Sitrans LT500 is an attractive option for your controller applications.

Key benefits include:

  • Proven process optimization from basic level control to complex pumping routines

  • Programmable features reduce maintenance and companies’ carbon footprints

  • Wide range of applications in environmental and general industries

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