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The Swiss-based Kistler Group is a leading global supplier of dynamic measurement technology for pressure, force, torque and acceleration. Kistler technology is used to analyze physical processes, control industrial processes and optimize product quality. Kistler has a full range of sensors, electronics and systems for engine development, vehicle technology, assembly technology, plastic and metal processing, as well as biomechanics. The Group maintains its global presence through 28 sales and manufacturing companies, with tech centers on all continents and more than 30 agencies, enabling the Group to maintain local contact with customers and offer individualized application support.

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Kistler Instruments LabAmp - Laboratory Charge Amplifiers With
Integrated Data Acquisition For Piezoelectric Measurements Accurate, Flexible, Easy To Use
January 2020, MARIETTA, GA ~ The Kistler LabAmpĀ® 5165A and 5167A are universal laboratory charge amplifiers for measurement of force, acceleration, pressure, reaction torque and strain using piezoelectric sensors. The dual-mode charge amplifier 5165A measures dynamic PE and IEPE signals as well as static/dynamic voltage signals where the 5167A measures both quasi-static and dynamic signals from any piezoelectric sensor. The Kistler LabAmp provides low-noise measurements with flexible signal conditioning as well as powerful data acquisition with high fidelity data directly to a host computer for further analysis. Multiple LabAmp charge amplifiers can be connected and synchronized without any additional wires. For example, digitized quasi-static forces from a piezoelectric dynamometer can be simultaneously measured wit...

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