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Siemens Process Instrumentation & Mass Dynamics

Siemens is a leader in providing innovative solutions to process instrumentation and control challenges. Siemens provides a complete line of reliable measurement and control products, including: transmitters for level, pressure, temperature, and flow; loop controllers; valve instrumentation products, regulators and relays; process protection instruments; weigh feeders and belt scales.

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Siemens takes clamp-on flow measurement on the road with new, groundbreaking portable flow system May 2022, MARIETTA, GA ~ Siemens Measurement Intelligence is pleased to announce the further expansion of their clamp-on ultrasonic flow product line with a groundbreaking portable clamp-on ultrasonic flow measurement system. The SITRANS FS290 is a battery or AC-powered, weatherproof, non-intrusive flow meter system used for monitoring or measuring liquid flow in pipes. This is easily accomplished using transducers that are mounted externally on a pipe and do not disturb the integrity of the pipe itself. The FS290 flow system contains a battery and charger, an ultrasonic transmitter, clamp-on transducers, and cables and mounts for the pipe. Installing the transducers and programming the transmitter can be completed in minutes, with no upstream or downstream process or flow interruptions. The transmitter features a menu-driven display that walks the user though installation and setup, including wizards that deploy automatically as needed to offer guidance and additional data. ...

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