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Siemens Process Instrumentation & Mass Dynamics

Siemens is a leader in providing innovative solutions to process instrumentation and control challenges. Siemens provides a complete line of reliable measurement and control products, including: transmitters for level, pressure, temperature, and flow; loop controllers; valve instrumentation products, regulators and relays; process protection instruments; weigh feeders and belt scales.

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Industry-Grade Temperature Sensors
February, 2015, MARIETTA, GA -
With the introduction of the SITRANS TS500 series of temperature sensors, Siemens brings industry-grade temperature sensors that support a wide range of temperature measurements from basic applications to solutions in harsh environments. While the SITRANS TS500 offers a large range of sizes, materials, sensors and transmitters to make it easier for you to implement, its primary benefit is the use of standard components for individual configurations. This allows you to use this device for a wide range of applications, such as process connections, connection heads, sensor types and transmitters, in the process industry, e.g. oil and gas, chemical, and power. In addition to simplifying your operating process, the TS500 can also be easily integrated into your communication and process control system; thus providing further benefits to your temperatur...

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