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Kaman Precision Products--The World's Leader in High-Performance Noncontact Position Sensors

Kaman's measuring systems are the performance leader in the industry. Even though we make measurements without touching the target, our sensors can resolve position changes to the sub-atomic level. Many operate in extreme environments of pressure and temperature. Many are configured and built specifically for OEM applications.

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Kaman - Specialized Sensors Perform in Extreme Environments
Sensors withstand extreme temperatures, pressures and aggressive chemicals June 2018, MARIETTA, GA ~   By Will Meenan, Kaman Precision Products / Measuring It takes an extremely durable design to make reliable measurements in extreme conditions. Extreme environment position/displacement sensors perform where most sensors cannot survive. These sensors are designed to operate in the following environmental conditions: High or cryogenic temperatures Aggressive chemicals or salt water High pressures High radiation Extreme environment sensors are necessary for applications that require high accuracy, high reliability, and structural integrity in adverse conditions. Sensor options for extreme conditions When it comes t...

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