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Kaman Precision Products--The World's Leader in High-Performance Noncontact Position Sensors

Kaman's measuring systems are the performance leader in the industry. Even though we make measurements without touching the target, our sensors can resolve position changes to the sub-atomic level. Many operate in extreme environments of pressure and temperature. Many are configured and built specifically for OEM applications.

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prednisolon tabletta prednisolon tabletta Kaman’s digiVIT - The Most Advanced Digital Variable Impedance Transducer for Noncontact Linear Position / Displacement / Proximity Sensing
April 2015, MARIETTA, GA - From the late 1980s Kaman has had a digital circuit sensor in production. Kaman has continued to build on the foundations developed with the EASI-9500, KìDA, and ThreadChecker products. Probably the biggest difference between the digiVIT and past digital inductive linear displacement sensors is that all functions can be accessed through 4 pushbuttons on the front panel. All information is displayed on an easy to read, integral digital display. There is no requirement to connect to a PC! Technological innovation has resulted in a self-tuning bridge. There is no longer the need to connect to a PC to download a configuration file when changing sensors or doing high level calibrations. Attaching a sensor to the digiVIT and performing a simple calibration procedure via the pushbuttons will tune the bridge. It not only tunes the bridge, its self-optimiza...

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