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ASPEQ Heating - AccuTherm, Heatrex, & Indeeco Brands

ASPEQ Heating Group, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, designs and manufactures a complete line of highly-engineered electric heating and thermal management equipment and controls across a diverse range of commercial, industrial, transportation and marine markets.

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sertraline and alcohol blackouts sertraline and alcohol The INDEECO Bolt Heater is Specifically Designed to Provide Maximum Watt Density Rating on the Heated Tube Length February 2015, MARIETTA, GA –  INDEECO has over thirty-five years’ experience in the design and manufacture of high quality bolt heaters. INDEECO uses the highest quality materials commonly available to manufacture these heaters and maintains rigid quality control procedures to insure a reliable product. Each heater is energized at rated voltage and electrically tested at full heat prior to shipment. Applications for the Bolt Heaters
INDEECO Bolt Heaters are used to preheat large, hollow holding bolts or studs where a high concentration of heat is critical for bolt expansion in a short period of time. As an insertion type unit, the bolt heater is widely used in the manufacture and servicing of heavy duty steam or other pressure equipment. It is also used to heat die blocks and large platens and to expand adjusting bolts on mechanical or hydraulic presses. In general, most applications attempt to produce an expansion (or st...

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