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Cincinnati Sub-Zero Environmental Test Chambers

Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ) offers a full range of Environmental Chambers from benchtop to Walk-in to Drive-in chambers. CSZ Test Chambers are used to test, validate, or store your products in a variety of climatic conditions. CSZ environmental test chamber designs are customizable to meet your needs. Our environmental chamber service department provides chamber maintenance programs, controller upgrades, refrigeration retrofits, test chamber calibration, start-up and training, replacement parts and repair services.

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CSZ Webinar - Mitigating Risks When Testing Hazardous Materials
April 23, 1:00PM to 1:30PM April 2020, MARIETTA, GA ~ Mitigating Risks When Testing Hazardous Materials
With the vast array of products and materials being tested, it is important to consider all the potential hazards that may arise from testing your product. Mitigating risks in product testing under various temperature conditions is an important aspect that will be discussed. Review potential products that could become a hazard Highlight test chamber safeties to protect your product and mitigate risks from potentially hazardous product leaks or ignition of an outgassing vapor from your product under test. Discuss chamber safeties to help mitigate potential risk
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