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Gantner Instruments Data Acquisition & Control Instrumentation

Gantner Instruments is a leader in the development of flexible measurement and control systems targeted at test automation applications. By delivering high-speed, high-accuracy, distributed data acquisition & control products as required in today's demanding testing environments - such as engine testing, component testing, electric motor/battery testing, and long term fatigue/durability testing, Gantner Instruments provides complete and open platform solutions for OEM's, Systems Integrators, and End Users alike.

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Gantner Instruments’ Tech Note:
Cloud-based Railway Bridge Monitoring with Solar Powered Q.series DAQ October 2021, MARIETTA, GA ~ For a large railway operator, Gantner Instruments continuously monitors a railway bridge using displacement transducers to detect deflection in bridge support elements. Bridge movement is measured with every passing train, and data is transferred to a Gantner Cloud system via a 4G modem. In the case of unwanted bridge movement, an alarm is generated, and the Railway Operations Center is notified by E-mail. For every passing train, data is acquired at 500Hz with high resolution to ensure precise measurement of bridge movements for further evaluation. The challenge was the tight schedule to provide a solution with no possibility to power the measurement system from any local grid. In combination with the demand to generate fast and precise measurement data with every passing train, the power supply system had to be designed wit...

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