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Gantner Instruments Data Acquisition & Control Instrumentation

Gantner Instruments is a leader in the development of flexible measurement and control systems targeted at test automation applications. By delivering high-speed, high-accuracy, distributed data acquisition & control products as required in today's demanding testing environments - such as engine testing, component testing, electric motor/battery testing, and long term fatigue/durability testing, Gantner Instruments provides complete and open platform solutions for OEM's, Systems Integrators, and End Users alike.

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Requirements for Energy Performance and Asset Monitoring - Gantner Instruments’ Solutions Include Measurement Technology for Energy Generation and Consumption April 2022, MARIETTA, GA ~ Relevant environmental data, such as information from generators and the energy grid, are recorded synchronously and decentrally and easily integrated via standardized and open interfaces with Gantner Instruments. For the plant operator, this data is easily accessible so that specific analyses and reports can be created quickly. Also, pioneering energy research projects with difficult boundary conditions, such as strain measurement with special strain gauges on a fusion reactor in a 3 Tesla magnetic field, or the detection of temperatures near absolute zero (superconductivity -270 ° C) are possible with Gantner Instruments! Standardized tests and audits, e.g., load measurement of wind turbines, according to IEC 61400-13, are also part of the Gantner Instruments solutions. This mainly includes strains, moments, positional and met...

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