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Roscid Technologies Humidity & Moisture Measurement Instruments

Roscid Technologies is a leader in the development, design, and manufacture of a full line of humidity & dew point measurement instrumentation for Pharmaceutical, Metrology, Automotive, Petrochemical and industrial applications. Roscid's core product line is made up of Industrial relative Humidity (RH) dew point measurement devices, commercial relative humidity/temperature transmitters, sensors, and precision laboratory instrumentation.

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Roscid Technologies - NEW Chilled Mirror Hygrometer!  April 2022, MARIETTA, GA ~ DT30
A Precision Measuring Chilled Mirror Hygrometer The DT30 accurately measures dew points from +60°C to -60°C DT30 is offered in two measuring configurations, a flow through or a wall mount FEATURES: An easy to hook up USB port, as well as, a field replaceable mirror!
The DT30 (patented technology) is a precision chilled mirror hygrometer that provides quick and accurate measurements of dew point, air temperature, and humidity measurements. The hygrometer is configured as a tabletop mount for flow through applications. It’s isolated stainless-steel sensor cavity and its nickel plated mirror makes it highly resistance to corrosion. User selectable, depending on options, unit displays (3 parameters) Dew Point (DP). Air temperature (T) and Relative Humidity (RH). The unit features stable, accurate and repeatable measurements that are traceable to ISO17025, a USB connection for easy PC communications and a field replaceable mirror ...

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