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Every FLOMEC product is engineered and built to meet our 'triple standard test' of delivering better performance and higher quality at a lower cost. Whether you need to measure for water, gasoline, chemicals, dairy, engine oils, transmission fluids, and various industrial liquids, FLOMEC products are engineered to perform better.

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FLOMEC® Releases New QS200 Insertion Ultrasonic Flowmeter
Measures Flow Instead of Sensing It January 2019, MARIETTA, GA ~ The FLOMEC team at Great Plains Industries, Inc. (GPI®) is pleased to introduce the FLOMEC QS200 insertion ultrasonic flowmeter for commercial irrigation applications. The QS200 provides an accurate reading of liquid flow rate and accumulated flow. “The irrigation market has shifted to the need to measure flow, especially in low flow situations like drip irrigation. The QS200 was designed to do just that,” said Kevin Symens, Director of Sales at GPI. The QS200 has no moving parts and utilizes ultrasonic technology to measure flow instead of simply sensing it. The QS200 provides high accuracy (2% of Reading) and extended leak detection down to 0.1 fps (0.03m/s). It measures flow rates five times lower than current flow sensors on the market, as low as 0.22 GPM (.83 L/min) and is compatible with most common name brand irrigation controllers. Additionally, it offers LED indication of power and flow activity and retrofits into Data Industrial PV...

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