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Primary Flow Signal (PFS) specializes in pressurized and open channel flow metering applications, and all types of line fluid measurement solutions (i.e., steam, gas and liquid, as well as solids-bearing). PFS’ versatile flowmeter technologies serve a wide variety of functions critical to our everyday lives and comfort, e.g.: municipal water and wastewater delivery, industrial service, chemical processing, power generation, as well as oil and gas extraction and management.

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PFS Offers a Broad Range of High Performance Venturi Flowmeters for Municipal Water Treatment November 2021 MARIETTA, GA ~ Water and wastewater treatment facilities play an important role in the continuous production of a safe supply of high-quality drinking water. The operational processes can be complex and involve a wide range of water flow meter and measurement requirements. Municipal applications demand the highest water flow meter accuracy and reliability, as well as long-term stability and a low cost-of-ownership/operation. Primary Flow Signal water measurement solutions meet the challenge by offering complete start-to-finish customization and exceptional customer service Learn more about PFS Venturi Flowmeters by clicking here
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