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YSI Wastewater Process Monitors and Sensors

For 70 years, YSI has manufactured and designed sensors, instruments and solutions for water quality monitoring. We offer a full range of water quality instrumentation designed for monitoring and testing municipal water. They are field-tough, labsmart, and applicable throughout your wastewater facility. From the lab to spot sampling to continuous monitoring and control, YSI’s instruments can help you throughout your process, from influent to receiving waters.

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Top 7 Reasons YSI’s IQ SensorNet ISE Sensors for Wastewater Treatment Outperform the Competition November  2021, MARIETTA, GA ~ Longer Reference Electrode Get accurate measurements over a longer period of time. Benefit from lower cost of ownership with less maintenance requirements and longer electrode life.  Longer-Life Electrode Backed by Industry-leading Warranty Protect your investment with electrodes that have 18-24 months expected life with a 12-month warranty (longest available in the industry).  Individually Replaceable Electrodes Can be replaced as needed - unlike the cartridge style which requires all electrodes to be replaced at the same time. Save money by replacing only what you need to. ...

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