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With over 50 years of industry experience, the engineering team at SoundWater Technologies designs and develops reliable, innovative plug and play ultrasonic flowmeters. Our devices help technicians and engineers who need the easiest and quickest way to accurately and reliably measure flow in pipes. We believe the best products are created by combining elegant functional design with excellent measurement performance and reliability. Our flow meters are portable, easy to install and built to last. Designed in Wenatchee, Washington, our products are built in the USA with American quality and ingenuity.

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SoundWater Technologies Ultrasonic Flowmeters

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Soundwater Technologies - New Orcas Model Available!
March 2022, MARIETTA, GA ~ A new, smaller portable ultrasonic flowmeter designed to save you time and money! Soundwater Technologies is pleased to announce the addition of a new model to the Orcas Family of Flowmeters. The Orcas T42-C2 is unique in that it is smaller and designed for smaller pipes. Some new features and difference include: It’s only 12” in length, which allows it to fit into tight spaces It uses a different mounting strap that’s better grabbing power on small diameter pipes. This strap is still integrated into the flowmeter, fast and easy to use! It works down to ¾” pipe sizes. In addition to these new features, the Orcas T42-C2 offers the same great features as all our family of Orcas Products. Advantages and features include: Measure flow in under one minute SoundWater Reciprocity Architecture Auto-Adjusting Ultrasonic Power M...

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